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A sport, exercise, and performance psychologist can provide a wide range of advice and assistance to individuals from all walks of life - whatever their goals or barriers may be.  It may be that you're looking to overcome a specific issue - a loss of confidence; recovery from major injury; lack of team cohesion etc., or that you're looking to further enhance your mental skills.  Seed Psychology are here to assist you in obtaining the skills you need to overcome any barriers you may have, but we're also here to strengthen your mental ability, and really unleash your capabilities.


Psychology is the study of the human mind, how it works and how it influences our behaviour.  Sport and Exercise Psychology aims to help individuals and teams achieve their performance goals by overcoming difficulties or barriers inevitable in modern life. 
Our ethos is to give clients the knowledge and skills they need to grow.  We start with a seed, and give you everything you need to nurture it yourself - where you take it is in your hands.
Seed Psychology can help anyone from the amateur athlete to the international competitor.  We can help the everyday exerciser, or those struggling to adhere to regular training.
Whether you're looking for the edge in competition, or the motivation to achieve a healthy lifestyle, we have the knowledge and strategy to make the difference in your world.  Click here for more information about the services we offer.


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