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My name is Betsy Tuffrey, and I am the founder of Seed Psychology Ltd. where I act as a Sports Consultant, also working within the realms of exercise domains.

Having been an avid sportswomen for most of my own life, the world of sport and its finer details have always been of interest to me.  I became interested in Sport Psychology at a relatively young age, when I began to wonder why some athletes could perform under pressure and others seemed to crumble.  Even in elite sport, it became apparent to me that the cutting edge in closely matched individuals or teams was often psychological.  Working within a Sports Consultant capability was to therefore be the focus of my career ambitions.
I studied with the Open University for my BSc (Hons) Psychology.  This gave me good grounding in the field without becoming too sport-specific too soon.  I went on to study with Staffordshire University, and completed my MSc Sport & Exercise Psychology.  My Masters dissertation investigated the use of false feedback and its influence on the self-efficacy of group exercise participants.  
As any professional would say, you never stop learning and developing, and I continue to do so whilst completing Stage 2 QSEP with the British Psychological Society - in order to obtain Chartered Status as a Sport & Exercise Psychologist.   
 I set up Seed Psychology with the intention of creating something simple, effective, and relevant to almost anyone.  Throughout my professional development, one thing has always stayed with me - that a Sport Psychologist should enable change through expertise, and not increase reliance.  The notion of the 'seed' stems from this concept.  
So here's how it goes...


We plant a seed together, a seed you aren't yet sure how to look after.  I give you tools and techniques to keep the seed growing, and teach you how to look after it.  You learn how to nurture your seed, keep it growing, and keep it alive.  You won't need me there all the time, but I'll always be around if you need a hand, or even try growing a new seed one day.
 See how you can grow...
 Betsy Tuffrey BSc MSc MBPsS


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