"I didn’t have to work very hard at all to convince Betsy to come along and share her experience and insight with our team ahead of our World Cup campaign.  She explained that she would ordinarily work with players and teams over several weeks and months, rather than as a one-off but was more than happy to shape a session that she thought could help the team with their mental preparations.


Betsy volunteered her time, not only on the day (which involved significant travel) but over a number of evening calls in preparation.  The insight that she was able to provide in just 1 hour was invaluable to both myself and the team.  The tools that Betsy brought to the table to help players with reacting quickly and rationally to challenging game situations were especially useful.


It was one of our players who made introductions with Betsy, meaning that the session she delivered was the first time we had met.  What struck me most about Betsy was her passion for and belief in what she does.  One of her main motivations for offering to help was around having never worked with a tag rugby team before.  It’s clear that personal development is high on Betsy’s agenda and I’ve no doubt that were we to work with Betsy again in the future, she would bring a whole new wealth of experience.


The team and I were so grateful for Betsy’s support, it really helped support the tone and ethos that we strived towards as a team."


Murray Wilson - Great Britain Head Coach - Women's Tag Rugby



"I've been working with Seed Psychology now for some time and I can't put into words how much I have changed as a sports person...I have new abilities that enable me to reach the best of my abilities both in training and come fight time!

If you need anything the answers lie within seed psychology!  The mind is a powerful tool! So under utilised! Imagine a harmony within your body and mind come game day... Honestly it's a feeling you will crave daily!

Don't hesitate, I will never look back


Thank you! For unleashing the beast inside!"


Michael Fernandes D'Aguiar - Professional MMA Fighter



''Having worked with Betsy at both senior and academy level in professional football I cannot speak highly enough of her knowledge and professionalism. She adds huge value in an area of development which is becoming more and more prominent in both life and sport.''

Mikey Harris - Lead Professional Development Phase Coach - Portsmouth FC 



"I have been working with Betsy at Seed Psychology for about 6 months now and feel working with her has helped me develop as a professional athlete massively! 


I'm a professional MMA fighter and I came to Betsy after struggling with a loss from a previous bout. 

I have competed in martial arts for around 20 years but since starting MMA five years ago I have struggled a lot in terms confidence and fear of losing. After losing my last bout I knew I needed to do something about the psychological aspect of my sport.


Since working with Betsy she has always been on hand whenever I need her, provided me with various tasks to help improve relaxation and confidence and has also helped me to rationalise many situations and have learned to put myself as an athlete first.


I can't thank her enough for her help so far and can't wait to see the improvements I have made put into practice!"


Jade Barker - Professional MMA Fighter



"I recently had a major knee trauma, my confidence was at an all time... low, and I was extremely conscious of my weak knee when I returned to my sport, this had serious impact on my performances. With the help of Betsy and seed psych, she helped in gaining my confidence again, this was done through various techniques, not all the techniques worked, but we kept working to find the one which would, and when we found it, she managed to change my whole outlook on performances, and I seriously can't thank her enough. Highly highly recommended"


Hayden Bedwell - Cyclist

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