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For @HollyBradshawPV 🇬🇧, the most important thing is not what her body looks like, but what it can do.

Following our series on #WorldMentalHealthDay, read how Olympic medallist and national record-breaker highlights the importance of celebrating body diversity in sport 👇

Started this:
Each odd hour of the waking day, phone is on airplane mode (and in another room) & WiFi disconnected.
It reveals: your reflexive impulses.
It trains up: your “no-go” circuits.
It amplifies: everyone else’s anxiety.
It allows: calm, tremendous productivity.
Try it?

Part of the team. ❤️

Fulham players were straight over to find Rhys Porter in the away end after scoring at Bristol City.

Rhys, who has cerebral palsy, received online abuse recently for playing football. The #FFC fan visited the training ground this week to play with the team.

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