Betsy Tuffrey – Director at Seed Psychology Ltd.

Chartered Sport & Exercise Psychologist within the British Psychological Society (BPS) and registered member of The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

I work within professional teams and with private clients to provide innovative and effective performance psychology services in elite sport and performance settings.

My aim with all clients is to facilitate lasting change, in a way that also provides relief from a present problem

I prioritise building quality relationships, trust, and respect with those I work with. Performance is an individual experience, and therefore dealing with what performance throws up at you requires a unique approach.

I set up Seed Psychology with the intention of creating something simple, effective, and relevant – to anyone.  I believe that a Sport Psychologist should enable change through professional expertise and collaboration with the client.

The notion of the Seed came about when deciphering what I’ve seen in the journey of the client. Together, we plant a seed. A seed as the client, you aren’t yet sure how to look after.  I offer understanding, education, tools and techniques to help you keep the seed growing.  You learn how to nurture your seed, you keep it growing.

Sport Psychology – to me – is about an ongoing journey. I can offer support throughout, but importantly teach you to grow and develop with support, and independently.

A bit about me…

These two special dogs help me enjoy a good work/life balance – and keep me on my toes! Little Oti on the left is the newest addition. Pippy – on the right – is my faithful companion who has seen me through the last 7 or so years. They (and I) am lucky enough to enjoy many walks in the New Forest regularly, and many of my clients are used to seeing these pooches online, or in person on request!

The dogs keep me active, and I also enjoy training to keep mind and body ticking over. A sucker for a good novel, and a keen cook, and a coffee connoisseur!